11 October 2011

FM 21-76 iPhone App

Good morning North Seekers!

What do you guys know about survival? Do you think you could survive lost in the wilderness? Do you know how to keep your body going or how to purify drinking water?

There are a lot of folks out there who watch these survival shows on TV and think the things they see is enough. I am definitely not saying one cannot pick up some tips from those guys, but don't think you're a survival expert because you watched an entire season of Man vs Wild.

So on with it! This past weekend, I'm sitting on my couch watching football and browsing the app store on my iPhone. On a whim, I search for "field manuals". The only thing I was able to turn up was the Ranger Handbook, which is a pay app and I already have two hard copies. I then punched in "survival" into the search bar. There was what appeared to be a bunch of junk apps, but there was one that caught my eye called "SurvivalGuide". The icon is a little campfire with a black background. I clicked the little icon there and viewed the screen shots of the actual app and discovered that the information contained within was straight from FM 21-76...so I installed it.

After installation on the SurvivalGuide app, I opened it to have a look see. To my surprise, this is actually 21-76 broke down in chapters and appendices. Each chapter and appendix is broke out and labeled for quick and easy navigation. Once you click your desired chapter you will find that you are viewing the actual FM in PDF format, which means you can scroll and zoom at your convenience.

I have to say, I am very impressed with the SurvivalGuide app, and would recommend it to all of you iPhone users.