29 March 2011

Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) Review, Part II

Back in December, I posted my initial review of Crye Precision’s popular Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC).  I have finished “kitting” it out over the last couple of months and I thought I would share with you what I did and why.  I am attending a couple of classes by LMS Defense and EAG Tactical in the next couple of months, so I'm sure there will be changes made as this project evolves.

Front Panel:  I didn’t put anything inside the mini admin sleeve above the mags and behind the panel of Loop tape because it bowed it out too much and it seemed like it would interfere with magazine removal.  Time will tell I guess, YMMV.  I’m running nothing but Magpul P-Mags in the integrated magazine pouches on the cummerbund retention flap.  On the front of that, I have a new 1 ½” SOFTT-W Tourniquet center line so it is accessible with either hand.  The tourniquet is held in place by a Blue Force Gear Tourniquet NOW strap.  It is flanked by two single-cell BFG Ten-Speed Mag Pouches for when  the need for more mags, bangers, whatever, is needed.  The ITW Nexus Grimloc is a back up to the Tac Link on my left sid to hang my gloves on.
Below the magazines is an EMDOM, USA Recon Waist bag (fanny pack) attached with three long MALICE clips.  I am using it as an IFAK.  Once again, it is center line and accessible from either the left or right.  Contents of my IFAK has been supplied by Austere Provision Company, CSM Gear, and RSKTKR Medical, As of right now, the content is as follows:  
  • 1- OLAES 4" Modular bandage
  • 1- QuickClot Combat Gauge
  • 1- QuickClot ACS+
  • 1- HALO Chest Seal
  • 1- Nasopharyngeal Airway tube & lube
  • 1- CPR face shield.
  • 1- Pair of latex gloves
  • 1- RSKTKR Down Casualty Card
  • 1- IR Chem light
  • 1- Blue Chem light

Cummerbund, Left side:  I have two Eagle Industries 1911 FB mag pouches and an ITW Nexus Tac Link.  I’m looking at getting a small radio pouch to put on this side; something to hold one of the smaller Motorola radios and/or a Talk-A-Bout.  Any suggestions?

Cummerbund, Right side:  For right now, I have a SPEC-OPS Super Sheath holding a Surefire G2 with the TNVC Q5 Cree LED lamp installed.  220 lumens at your fingertips.  Beside it is my old trusty shears and sheath from CSM Tactical.  Seeing that I am right handed, I didn’t want too much mounted on this side to interfere with the drawling of my sidearm.

Rear Panel:  On the back of my right shoulder, I have the Cejay Neptune personal beacon/strobe I wrote about here.  I attached it using a custom made strap and some Hook & Loop.  The top of the plate bag has a three-cell BFG Ten-Speed pouch for flash-bangs, extra magazines, Guinness, you name it.  If it fits, it’s good-to-go.   

Below that is my long awaited Eclipse Gear 9x5 General Purpose pouch holding my Source Hydration .75L Kangaroo bladder.  I really liked this pouch because it carried on the modularity theme of the Ten-Speed pouches due to the elastic retention inside the pouch.  It will hold items like even more flash-bangs, 40mm grenades, etc.   

The bands are too small for the standard M-18 smoke grenade though.  Can’t have everything, I guess.  The pouch is big enough to store more than just the bladder.  A broken down MRE, a section of a VS-17 panel, or any item that we used to carry in our butt packs (for those old enough to remember that beloved piece of gear).  

Last, but not least is my custom made sling that is routed through the outside columns of PALS, secured using simple ITW Nexus tri-glides and a side-release buckle for attachment to my bang-stick.  The double sided 1” Multicam webbing is guided over the shoulders under the provided shoulder sleeves that came with the JPC.  Think of it as a poor man’s BFG MOLLE sling, just without those huge plastic end keepers.

A special thanks goes out to those companies that helped me in building this beauty:
I hope you enjoyed the review.  Feel free to post any comments or questions you may have.

21 March 2011

TYR Tactical Medium General Purpose Pouch, 6" x 8"

Front of pouch.  Two rows of five columns PALS.
In my personal quest to find the right pouch to put on the back of my plate carrier to hold my Source Hydration Kangaroo bladder, I came across TYR Tactical's 6" x 8" GP pouch.  Initial impressions was that it is a nicely designed and constructed pouch; something that we have come to expect from Jason Beck.  I ripped it out of its packaging like a kid on Christmas.  And then I saw it,,,,

Back of pouch.  Three PALS straps that covers five columns total.
For whatever reason, TYR Tactical decided to be different than pretty much every other gear maker out there and made their pouch to cover five PALS channels instead of the normal six.  Don't ask me why.  Most base plate carriers, chest harnesses, and the such have an even number of columns of  PALS webbing on them; either six or eight.  With this going with five, you will be hard pressed to have it centered on whatever it is you will be mounting it on.  If this is not an issue for you, press on with your mission.  They use a stiffened tab on the end of their single layered PALS straps that tucks nicely into a slot in the back of the pouch.  How far we have come from the first generation of MOLLE.

Lack of edge taping on the inside of the front panel.  If used, it would match up better with the back panel.
Moving to the inside of the pouch, you will notice an nice zippered mesh pouch against the back wall.  This is a nice touch for admin supplies, individual first aid (band-aids, ouchies, etc), E&E items; the list is endless.  There seemed to be a lack of edge taping on the exposed seams.  It is just something that I am used to using and seeing.  You can also see their proprietary PV500 material in the picture below.  In short, they married some 500 D nylon with Kevlar.  Really strong, light weight.  Best of both worlds.

Nalgene bottle for size comparison.

Even though this particular pouch didn't work for my needs at this time, I was pleased with their quality and customer service.  I am sure to return to TYR in the future.

TYR Tactical

04 March 2011

Never Forgive; Never Forget 04 March 2002

Today marks the nine year anniversary of the Battle of Takur Ghar in eastern Afghanistan.  Rest in Peace Warriors.  Attached is the official summary of the battle by the Department of Defense.

Battle of Takur Ghar

Product Release from Magpul

The good folks at Magpul Industries released their PMag 20 Limiters for shipping.  They are replacement lock plates for the 20 round PMags so you can limit the round capacity to either 5 or 10 rounds to meet certain hunting restrictions.  Since it is a simple drop in replacement for the standard lock place, this isn't a permanent modification.  As soon as hunting season is over, swap them back out and your round count is back at 20. 

Suggested retail price is $13.95.  Sold in packs of 3.  Pictures courtesy of Magpul Industries.

03 March 2011

Give to a good cause

I received an email informing me about this and wanted to pass the info onto the readers of TNSA.  Information and picture from LaRue Tactical's website.

The LaRue “Dillo” Beverage Entry Tool is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable icons in the industry. We are proud to announce this special edition Dillo to support the efforts of those fighting breast cancer. Nearly everyone’s life has been touched by this illness, unfortunately some more than others. Warrior Angels (Breast Cancer Battle Buddies Inc.), provides critical support for those going through treatment. They’ve done a lot of great things, but like a lot of smaller organizations they can use some help.
Warrior Angels... Breast Cancer Battle Buddies Inc. empowers breast cancer patients with information, resources and support in the military community, to bridge the gap in available resources.  Their mission is to build a support network to provide comfort to those affected by breast cancer and offer encouragement throughout the breast cancer journey.
Warrior Angels also work to provide "Comfort Bags" to patients. These bags provide information, resources, and comfort items concerning breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. More information can be found here: www.warriorangels.org
Available in a 2-pack for $50 or 6-pack for $100.(100% of the proceeds go to warriorangels.org)
Anodized in pink, with laser-engraved graphics, this Dillo really stands out.  Like everything we do, it’s proudly made in Texas, USA!

Give if you can to this good cause.

02 March 2011

Cejay Neptune Personal Beacon

Mike Griffin of Austere Provisions Company brought this little gem to my attention back in October during an EAG class we attended.  I was looking for a personal beacon/strobe to put on the back of my plate carrier and this little baby fit the bill to a tee.  It is smaller than most of the others on the market with the same features and has fewer moving parts to operate.

Shown above is what you get with your purchase.  The hook and loop strap is one of the nicest made straps I personally have ever seen.  It is very similar to those that come issued with the AN/PEQ-15 for those that have them.  Instead of it being stitched together, it is electronically spot melted.  It also has a section of elastic sewn onto is to create a place holder for the beacon to sit so it doesn't slide around on the band.  Very smooth and well put together.  Enough about the strap.

The model of beacon that I received has six different setting:  Constant on in Blue, White, and IR; and strobing in the same three colors.  You are able to control the brightness in the constant on light setting.  The one button at the 3 o'clock position controls all settings.  The On-Off control is set by the battery cap lid.  Just turn it 1/2 turn clockwise to turn it on; counter-clockwise to turn it off.  At first, I didn't like this feature; but after thinking about it, there is less to break or go wrong with the unit this way.  Unit runs on a standard CR123 battery.  There is a security wire attaching the battery compartment lid to the body of the beacon.  It secures under the band so there won't be any chaffing issues if worn on the wrist.  *On a whim, I thought I would see if my 22mm Zulu watch band for my broken Luminox watch would fit.  Perfect size.  Yet another option (sold separately).

The Neptune also comes with a metal clip that attaches to the back.  You can use this attachment option for PALS/MOLLE, button holes, you name it.

If you are in need for a personal beacon/strobe, check out the Neptune.