05 February 2011

Princeton Tec MPLS SWITCH

The SWITCH is Princeton Tec’s new dual light variant of their Modular Personal Lighting System (MPLS). Housings are available in either Black, OD Green (closer to a Ranger Green), or Sand (Tan). LED color options are Red, Green, Blue, or IR. All units second LED is White. Suggested retail price is $59.99

I picked one up back in December from Grey Group Training. I ordered an OD Green with the Blue/White light combo. Once I received it in the mail, I was surprised to note that there was no product info sheet or owner’s manual/pamphlet. All that was in the box was the light and three different mounting platforms; MOLLE/PALS, helmet clamp, and the “Reverse Picatinny” rail adaptor for the Ops-Core ARC helmet rail systems.

After about 20 seconds of playing with it, I figured out all of the mounting options and how to operate the two different LEDs. I’m a former Jarhead, so you all should do just fine with it.

The main body of the light is the ON/OFF button. Push it once and the colored light comes on at its low level. Double tap the button and it kicks the light up to the high output level. To turn the white LED on, hold down the button. It is just that simple.

The light attaches to all of the mounts the same way; it just twists on. Each mount provides 45 degrees of cant up and down/side to side. The only thing that I don’t like is that if you adjust the light one click too many, the light comes off. I think that it should have some type of lock to secure the light to the mount that is separate from the adjustment system.

I am still running a MICH/ACH at this time, so I am using the helmet clamp. One thing that I noted is that if you are using a helmet cover with the IFF tabs on the sides, this clamp would cover that area if you mount it directly on the side of the helmet. To prevent this, I chose to move the mount forward to the curve of the helmet where it drops down to cover your ears. It limits the adjustability of the mount, but it meets my personal requirements for use when wearing the helmet. Once I receive my new ACH ARC rails from Ops-Core, I will post some updated pictures.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this light. Whether it is being used as a helmet light or mounted on your PALS webbing, it far exceeds other models on the market in weight and adjustability in my opinion. Contact Grey Group and add one to your gear inventory ASAP.

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  2. Very nice concise review of the product it's uses and attributes.

  3. Thanks Doc. I'm still a Probbie doing this type of stuff; I am a talker though,,,,

  4. I have the tan single white light head. Works awesome in HMMWV for quick reference at night. Good review Adam!