21 March 2011

TYR Tactical Medium General Purpose Pouch, 6" x 8"

Front of pouch.  Two rows of five columns PALS.
In my personal quest to find the right pouch to put on the back of my plate carrier to hold my Source Hydration Kangaroo bladder, I came across TYR Tactical's 6" x 8" GP pouch.  Initial impressions was that it is a nicely designed and constructed pouch; something that we have come to expect from Jason Beck.  I ripped it out of its packaging like a kid on Christmas.  And then I saw it,,,,

Back of pouch.  Three PALS straps that covers five columns total.
For whatever reason, TYR Tactical decided to be different than pretty much every other gear maker out there and made their pouch to cover five PALS channels instead of the normal six.  Don't ask me why.  Most base plate carriers, chest harnesses, and the such have an even number of columns of  PALS webbing on them; either six or eight.  With this going with five, you will be hard pressed to have it centered on whatever it is you will be mounting it on.  If this is not an issue for you, press on with your mission.  They use a stiffened tab on the end of their single layered PALS straps that tucks nicely into a slot in the back of the pouch.  How far we have come from the first generation of MOLLE.

Lack of edge taping on the inside of the front panel.  If used, it would match up better with the back panel.
Moving to the inside of the pouch, you will notice an nice zippered mesh pouch against the back wall.  This is a nice touch for admin supplies, individual first aid (band-aids, ouchies, etc), E&E items; the list is endless.  There seemed to be a lack of edge taping on the exposed seams.  It is just something that I am used to using and seeing.  You can also see their proprietary PV500 material in the picture below.  In short, they married some 500 D nylon with Kevlar.  Really strong, light weight.  Best of both worlds.

Nalgene bottle for size comparison.

Even though this particular pouch didn't work for my needs at this time, I was pleased with their quality and customer service.  I am sure to return to TYR in the future.

TYR Tactical

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