03 October 2010

Issued Kit...Who Needs It?

Issued kit has come a long way since I first joined the US Military. The first thing I was ever issued was the OD LBE setup; and I ran the heck out of that rig for a lot of years. About a year ago I finally had to turn it back into the supply warehouse and accept my new DFLCS kit. Lot of memories headed to DRMO.

So, the new DFLCS kit. The first one I was issued was ACU and made by Eagle Industries. What can I say about the Eagle kit, its been the standard in the gear industry for a lot of years. Good mag pouches, FB pistol mag pouches, the works. Good quality and there were a lot of little features in the different pouches that I liked a lot. The harness...a piece of crap! Not the quality or the construction, the design! The design is absolute garbage, and I will get into that more in a bit.

Fast forward a year. I am called to supply again, this time to turn in my ACU Eagle made DFLCS kit for our new ABU Garrett Container made DFLCS kit. First of all, Garrett Container Systems doesn't make anything; London Bridge Trading makes it. The quality is not in question, just the fact that there are a number of things in the old kit that were simply better. The pistol mag pouches, hydro carrier, and the harness to name a few. The Eagle harness was a cleaner looking construction, and seemed to be made with a bit different quality of materials. I know material, and the new Garrett harness really feels cheap! The design is not very practical and Im not really sure what the thought process was when designing it. There is actually a good amount of real estate on the harness, but seemingly in the wrong areas. I will post photos in the next few days.

So, issued kit. It has evolved a lot in the last 10 years. It will continue to evolve over the next 10 years. The invention and popularity of MOLLE gear has actually made some issued kit cool again.

To be continued...

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  1. I happen to have a critique form specifically for the DFLCS. So I thought I’d weigh in on the matter using the questions the career field provided.

    1. How Satisfied Are You With The DF-LCS Kits/Items? Somewhat Dissatisfied
    2. Do The DF-LCS Kits/Items Function Properly As Designed/Intended (Meet Your Operational Needs)? See Atch 1, Para 3. Yes or No…If “No” Provide Specific Comments As To What Is Wrong And How You Would Change It.
    Over all, it’s not a complete kit. I covers some of our jobs some of the time, but not any of them completely, all the time. Example: The riflemen’s kit doesn’t play well within a LE role. It doesn’t seem to even try to accommodate a classic LE style set up (belt base platform, with everything hanging from the belt). It doesn’t get along from transitioning from standard security work into more of a war fighting arrangement either. Re-sizing to fit over body armor is no easy task. Adding water and more kit is a struggle as well. It would appear that each piece was thought out as if it were the ONLY piece.
    3. Are There Any Items That Need To Be Added To The DF-LCS Kits/Items? Provide Specific Comments.
    Molder Holster
    First line/LE set-up. (pistol belt/pad, low pro suspenders)
    Shit can the current harness and use a fuckin FLC or rack
    4. Are You Aware Of Any Quality/Construction Problems With The DF-LCS Kits/Items? See Atch 1, Para 1. NOTE: If There Are/Have Been Construction Problems, Please Identify The Item(s) Not Meeting Construction Requirements And Provide Comments On How The Item(s) Fail(s) To Meet Construction Requirements.
    None yet
    5. What Do You Like About The DF-LCS Kits/Items? Provide Specific Comments.
    It’s a little better than ALICE.
    6. What Do You Dislike About The DF-LCS Kits/Items? Provide Specific Comments.
    When will we grasp the concept of ADJUSTABLE LIDS!!!??? We all have flashlights, multi-tools, and batons. Some have spray, some don’t, some have knives, and some don’t…whatever. Bottom line, there’s a lot of different flashlights out there ranging in size, there’s a lot of different baton sizes, types, with different accessories, etc. A simple solution to ensure that ONE pouch (instead of dumping the money to make 2 baton pouches) meets many different items is to make the lid adjustable.
    7. Do You Have Any Other Comments (Good or Bad) Regarding The DF-LCS Kits/Items? Provide Specific Comments.
    -The harness is dumb. The shoulders are too bulky. No one I’ve talked to likes them or think they’re comfortable.
    -What the hell am I supposed to put in that mesh backing? – get rid of it.
    -Do we REALY need our harness to be front open? I personally like a “rack” design (hydro carriers play better with em), but remain open to the idea of front open rigs. None the less, the Army and Marine Corp solved that problem with a little thing called Fighting Load Carrier. It works. It’s not broke, so stop fixing it.
    -If we MUST be plagued with the cost of frag pouches, then GIVE US FUCKING FRAGS!! Otherwise, save the money.
    -Can we please attempt to understand the logic behind shingle mag pouches? When we double arm, we are forced/encouraged to remove our side arm ammo from the place that we train from, and move them to a place that is mechanically foreign to us. Next time your overseas, count how many pistol mags you see mounted to a 6004. Bad juju. With shingles, we could mount all ammo in relatively the same place. The place that we train Speed and Tac reloads from.

    Finally-if you can’t hear me from your desktop, I laughing hysterically at the Kydex lined 9mm pouches.

    So that’s it, let the debate begin!