30 October 2010

Land Navigation...IS SO HARD!!!

To some people it is! To be perfectly honest, land nav is one of the toughest skills to master if you arent doing it often. Our friends over at ITS Tactical  have been running a really nice land nav series, which starts with the basics and works up from there. Running parallel to ITS's land nav series, is the new hand-dandy, cargo-pocket sized, waterproof, The North Seeking Arrow LANDNAV QRG (Quick Reference Guide).

Right now the QRG is in first run prototype. The point of this is not to be a new field manual, but literally a quick reference guide. The guide contains several land nav items that are often forgotten, or are tough to remember. This wasn't made for the SERE instructor in WA state...it was made for his students.

Here are a couple of shots of the QRG next to a couple of items to illustrate size. Once we finalize this thing, we will do a full review.

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  1. The North Seeking Arrow Land Nav QRG is currently undergoing a second revision to make it an even more effective and complete Land Navigation guide. Check back soon to see what it's all about...it's full of awesome!