23 October 2010

Messenger Bags

The Tac Rev crew calls their bags "Messenger Bags", but I've heard a number of names out there; "fag bags", "man bags", "man purses", etc. Regardless of what they're called, they do fill quite a role for me and my guys.

We've been making messenger bags for a few years now. Since we first started, they've evolved quite a bit. Thus far, we've brought 3 different designs to market, or ...almost to market. Version 1.0 came first and had some design flaws. It works great for a mini briefcase if hand carried.

Version 2.0 never actually came to market. There was only 1 ever made and now it is in the hands of someone I wish it wasn't...but thats a story for another time. Version 2.0 corrected the low shoulder strap points and the lack of a hand carry handle on the actual flap or Version 1.0.

The latest version is Version 2.5. Since 2.0 never actually came to market, we took the basics of 2.0 and added a couple finer adjustments and called it Version 2.5. We also toyed around with doing some of them in canvas. Right now, two Version 2.5's exist in canvas.

So lets hear it folks, what are you running for your "man bags"?

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