12 February 2011


I was recently at RTC training up for the mission we are currently on here in Iraq. In short, we're typically HMMWV people. We roll around in them; we mount our guns in them; we go to chow in them. However, this go around at RTC, we had the privilege of checking out some of the new hotness...and by that I mean the MATV as built by Oshkosh.

As you’ll see in one of the photos, we’re still HMMWV people, but we did get to check out the new monster and suffice to say…it’s damn cool!

This is not a review by any means. I simply wanted to share a couple of photos with that new little guy in the background. They’re pretty awesome folks!

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  1. I hope all is well with ya Will. I'd like to get a ride in one of those. Stay safe bro!!!