02 March 2011

Cejay Neptune Personal Beacon

Mike Griffin of Austere Provisions Company brought this little gem to my attention back in October during an EAG class we attended.  I was looking for a personal beacon/strobe to put on the back of my plate carrier and this little baby fit the bill to a tee.  It is smaller than most of the others on the market with the same features and has fewer moving parts to operate.

Shown above is what you get with your purchase.  The hook and loop strap is one of the nicest made straps I personally have ever seen.  It is very similar to those that come issued with the AN/PEQ-15 for those that have them.  Instead of it being stitched together, it is electronically spot melted.  It also has a section of elastic sewn onto is to create a place holder for the beacon to sit so it doesn't slide around on the band.  Very smooth and well put together.  Enough about the strap.

The model of beacon that I received has six different setting:  Constant on in Blue, White, and IR; and strobing in the same three colors.  You are able to control the brightness in the constant on light setting.  The one button at the 3 o'clock position controls all settings.  The On-Off control is set by the battery cap lid.  Just turn it 1/2 turn clockwise to turn it on; counter-clockwise to turn it off.  At first, I didn't like this feature; but after thinking about it, there is less to break or go wrong with the unit this way.  Unit runs on a standard CR123 battery.  There is a security wire attaching the battery compartment lid to the body of the beacon.  It secures under the band so there won't be any chaffing issues if worn on the wrist.  *On a whim, I thought I would see if my 22mm Zulu watch band for my broken Luminox watch would fit.  Perfect size.  Yet another option (sold separately).

The Neptune also comes with a metal clip that attaches to the back.  You can use this attachment option for PALS/MOLLE, button holes, you name it.

If you are in need for a personal beacon/strobe, check out the Neptune.

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