03 March 2011

Give to a good cause

I received an email informing me about this and wanted to pass the info onto the readers of TNSA.  Information and picture from LaRue Tactical's website.

The LaRue “Dillo” Beverage Entry Tool is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable icons in the industry. We are proud to announce this special edition Dillo to support the efforts of those fighting breast cancer. Nearly everyone’s life has been touched by this illness, unfortunately some more than others. Warrior Angels (Breast Cancer Battle Buddies Inc.), provides critical support for those going through treatment. They’ve done a lot of great things, but like a lot of smaller organizations they can use some help.
Warrior Angels... Breast Cancer Battle Buddies Inc. empowers breast cancer patients with information, resources and support in the military community, to bridge the gap in available resources.  Their mission is to build a support network to provide comfort to those affected by breast cancer and offer encouragement throughout the breast cancer journey.
Warrior Angels also work to provide "Comfort Bags" to patients. These bags provide information, resources, and comfort items concerning breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. More information can be found here: www.warriorangels.org
Available in a 2-pack for $50 or 6-pack for $100.(100% of the proceeds go to warriorangels.org)
Anodized in pink, with laser-engraved graphics, this Dillo really stands out.  Like everything we do, it’s proudly made in Texas, USA!

Give if you can to this good cause.

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